PROMOTIONS: I can help you set up effective campaigns to promote product you have already recorded in a variety of ways. I can also help you set up from square one.
  • Retail – Analyze which stores and online outlets SHOULD be carrying your music, and HOW to get them to do so. It’s immensely easier if you already have a record label and/or a distributor, but there are other ways to get your music to the masses. I can set up online promotions as well as in-stores at retailers nationwide.
  • Radio – I have an amazing database and I keep my contacts current and up to date. If you provide the promotional CDs, I can directly service radio stations with your music and provide follow-up. I can also assist you in setting up on-air interviews and performances as well. NOTE: I currently work part-time as an employee for Al Moss Promotion, promoting Americana music to the Americana Chart Reporters. Some recent projects include: Van Morrison, Alison Krauss & Robert Plant, Kelly Willis, John Hiatt, Steve Earle, Dwight Yoakam and so many more!
  • Outside the box ideas/promotions: I can direct you towards ideas for swag items, sponsorships, venues you may never have considered trying to play, tag-teaming with like artists etc. I love to brainstorm and come up with FUN and different ways to garner attention for your project!
  • PUBLICITY: As mentioned above, I have an immense and up to date database, focusing on US contacts. I can put together a Regional press campaign or a National one, or it could even be genre based. It’s up to you. Together, we will decide on the type of campaign that you’re looking for, what kind of results you’re hoping to achieve in phase 1, phase 2 etc and make a realistic timeline of how we plan to instill this campaign to gain maximum results.
  • WHAT NOT: Ah, the all encompassing term-what not! I believe there is no limit to the things that I can do, if you can think them up, we can try to make it work! Some areas I can help with are: directing you to distributors, record labels, booking agents, recording studios, web designers, graphic artists, photographers, manufacturing facilities, venues, booking agents, radio promoters, retailers, online retailers, publicity firms, music festivals and events, music associations and the list goes on and on.
  • Booking: Bless the hearts of people who do this thankless job-it’s one of the hardest jobs in the industry. I’ve done it, I’m good at it and if the gig was right, I might do it again. I have a tremendous amount of respect for people who make their living being an agent.
  • Consulting: I do a lot of consulations for artists and I truly love it! It’s really great fun to go into a fresh new project, roll up your sleeves and dig in! Especially around a new CD release or an upcoming tour, it’s really fun and exciting to map out goals and watch them become a reality.
  • Management: I’m not currently taking on any new management clients.
  • Referrals: If I can’t help you some aspect of the business, I’m confident that I will be able to find you someone of high caliber who can meet your request.
  • Travel Agent: I’ve been known to route a tour here and there, book hotels or flights from time to time.
I honestly feel that you can learn something from anyone you meet, so you should always be ready to make a new contact. I’ve also set up birthday parties, benefit concerts, fundraisers, CD release events, online promotions and in-store giveaways. Heck I can even marry you-I’m also an ordained minister! I’ve coordinated a few weddings, bridal/baby showers and even wore the hat of floral designer for a time as well! AND, I can also make a mean, mean Singapore Sling!

I’m certain that I’m forgetting to list about a gazillion other things that I’ve done in the past 19 years that I’ve officially worked in this industry. I’m a curious gal. I work hard and I’m a sponge for knowledge. My extreme attention to every detail let’s the artists get back to being the artists.

Fee is negotiated on an individual basis depending on what your needs are. At this time, I can accept cashier’s checks, money orders and Visa/Mastercard via the PayPal system.

Ready to get started? Contact me!

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