“There are few people in the world of the Music Business that have gained trust and respect by musicians like myself. Trish Wagner is an organized idea person who gets things done lickity split and makes it look easy. I’ve met talkers who get you excited about what could be but Trish is the “Do-er” who definitely follows through and gets it done, end of story. Thank the good lord for sending down this angel named Trish to lead us musicians, labels, radio promo and artists down the right path.” -Rosie Flores

“I can’t even begin to list the things that Trish has done to help me. When it comes to the music biz she knows more about everything than most people know about any one thing. She gets it done!” -Bear (Bear and the Essentials)

“You’re a badass mofo and I love you!!!!!!!” –Steve Merritt, Star Tone Records

“Trish has the ability to work with clients in a more unique way than most. She understands the big picture and finds the “win-win” opportunities for her employers and her clients. She is also a person of character and depth. She has the ability to not only think “out of the box,” execute a plan in real time, and work on tight deadlines under pressure with sensitive artist types.” -Dan Dubelman, Betty Dylan

“Trish Wagner is in the mix, doing the deal, and rocking the music business. She’s a woman to look up to!” -Elizabeth McQueen (Elizabeth McQueen and the Firebrands)

“Trish Wagner is the chick that rocks your entertainment world.” –John T. Kunz, Waterloo Records Austin, TX

“Trish is totally sincere, enthusiastic, and the best combination of serious and fun.” -Jerm Pollet, The Sinus Show; the Total Foxes

“Musicians need enablers. Trish is the Queen of Enable. Her passion for music and all things of quality make her an invaluable asset.” – Eugene Edwards

“Mucho industry knowledge and contacts..helped me out tremendously with Nashville and Austin, makes me want to TWANG!!”-Darrin Stout

“This is a woman that will truly listen to your needs and work her tail off to fulfill them. Her creative marketing ideas have proven successful time and again.”-Cari Lee

“Trish just oozes with raw, brazen sensuality…Now that I know you’re reading, I’ll tell you that Trish works radio the way you want her to, more like a buddy turning you on to cool music than a promoter beating you over the head with some hack band. I always know what’s happening with her artists, but I never feel badgered to play them. There’s a very thin line between being a great promoter and being a big pain in the butt, Trish Wagner walks it ever so well.”- Bill Conner, Hill Country Hayride, KNBT

“Trish Wagner is a hard working, organized, friendly person to work with and be around. Because she’s a fan as well as a promoter, she has a real passion for her work. She attacks and achieves her goals with grace and persistence. She is an essential part of any promoting team.” – Buzz Campbell, Hot Rod Lincoln

“That darn Trish Wagner can do ANYTHING! In the years that I’ve known her she’s done just about every record biz job there is & has done them all with hard work, determination, skill, & good humor. A real pleasure to work with, always professional, sharp as a tack, smart as hell, & sweeter than apple candy, Trish is one of the few real good folks in this business. Damn fine lookin’ too!” – Darrell Anderson, Hightone Records

“When High Noon put out our last record, What Are You Waiting For, Trish was invaluable. She gets the job done!” – Kevin Smith, High Noon

“There are very few people in the music business who are as competent and efficient as Trish. She rocks!” – Ed Pettersen

“It is always a pleasure working with Trish. She knows retail and has strong relationships in the industry. She loves music and works hard for the artists she represents. What more can you ask for?” – Vickie Lucero and Julie Carr, Propaganda Group

“Trish is the kind of person that you can always count on to get things done thoroughly and on time. We trust her implicitly no matter what the subject matter.” – Gary Primich & Tina Rose

“I’ve known Trish for quite a few years and all I can say is that when she moved from San Diego to Austin her presence was missed by all. A great, hard-working music fan if there ever was one.” – Tim Mays, The Casbah

“Trish is a rare gem in the business today. I swear at times she’s one step ahead of what I’m thinking that I need. Although I’d prefer to think of it as great minds think alike; but in reality she’s got a mind that seems to always be one step ahead of mine. Doesn’t matter what side of the fence you approach her from -she’s ready to make the connections you need. Setting her apart from the rest of the pack is a willingness to go the extra mile and her lightening fast responses to any request made — she helps make things happen!” – Laurie Joulie, Take Country Back

“Trish Wagner is our number one choice for U.S. marketing and promotion. Her guidance in showing us how to gain maximum effect with a limited promotional budget is probably the main reason that Snake Ranch by our American artist Marti Brom is now in its fourth pressing.” – Goofin Records, Finland

“Trish not only knows her business, she makes doing business fun. There is no substitute for working with someone who is genuinely interested in you and your art.” – Marti Brom

“I have worked with Trish for several years now in the music industry and I personally have to tell you her professionalism is A+! *Attention To Detail* is what she is all about. From radio promotion to setting up tour PR and all points in-between dealing with getting your project out and heard, Trish leaves no stone unturned. If your a musician, Chickrock Entertainment is the real deal!!!” – RW Shamy, Twangcast

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Trish Wagner on the Chip Taylor/Carrie Rodriguez ( Let’s Leave This Town) album and I’ve found her to be someone I can always count on to get the job done – no matter what it is. She has great relationships with every aspect of the retail sector and does an excellent job of follow-through, which is perhaps the most important aspect in the music business.” – Mark Pucci, President: Mark Pucci Media

“Thank God for someone like Miss Trish, she does all the work most musicians can’t or don’t want to do for themselves to take them to the top. She truly knows the music industry inside and out and never ceases to amaze me with her innovative ideas, motivation (very important asset for the lazy musician), and her true appreciation and understanding for the art itself…she rocks!!” – Lacynica Michel

“Trish Wagner is one of the hardest working people in the music business. If I owned a record company, she’d be one of my first hires.” – Leslie Rouffe, Songlines

“If it shakes, Trish shook it. If it hops, Trish rocks it.” – Kevin Wommack, President of Loophole Entertainment; Mgr Los Lonely Boys

“Trish makes things happen… and what she says she’ll do, she does… and then some! She’s a really good person to have in your corner.” – Jim Stringer, The Music Room

“Trish Wagner is that wonderful combination of a strong businessperson with excellent taste and a good heart. She is professional and energetic and always a pleasure to work with. Not only are her ideas strong, but she makes them happen.” – George Brainard, George Brainard Photography

“I have known and worked with Trish Wagner for over 2 years. she has been someone that I can always depend on to take care of my needs, as well as those of my employer, Tower Records. Her aggressive attitude, combined with her passion for her job make Trish an asset to her company, and all of their clients. I know that I can always count on Trish to go above and beyond. she possesses a rock-solid work ethic that is rarely found these days.” – Dave Mulholland, Product Manager Tower Records/Video Austin, TX

“Trish continues to be a valuable asset to the Austin music community. She is someone you should know.” – Mike Barfield

“I’ve always been impressed with the “no problem” attitude…and even more impressed when she delivers with 110%. If there’s a Trish… there’s a way!”
Jim Austin, Smiths Ranch Boys

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